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We have puppies at the time, 8 puppies! Borned the 14th of april.

Internationell Champion (CIB)

Nordlandia Danes Halley’s Comet (Torsten)

Bella Best In Show #3 – Ålesund Int DogShow

Lovas Progeny Group Best In Show at Norwegian Winner Show 2018

Smalltall’s Forever Yours (Lova)

Bella, Lillebror, Johan and Caspian

NordJW-18 NOJW-18 Nordlandia Danes Gold Digger (Lillebror) BIS-3 Junior at MyDog 2019

Bella BOB at Swedish Winner Show 2018

Nord SE NO FI DK Champion NordJW-17 NordW-18 SEJW-17 SEW-18 KBHJW-17

Nordlandia Danes Bellatrix

We are a Great Dane kennel and breed fawn and brindle Danes.

We are located in Vara, Sweden.

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